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capacitance value. The first digit indicates the total number digits. 0 = Standard. A-Z = High. Performance. Q = -10 +30%. M = 20%. T = -10 +50%. See Ordering.. 100nF (0.1uF – 104K) – 100 Polyester Film Capacitor * Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.. SAFTY. VOLTAGE. CAPACITANCE VALUE. FILE NO. AC275V/AC310V. 0.0047uF -10.0F. E327138. UL60384-14 / CAN/CSA-E60384-14. Fixed Capacitor – X2.. Answer to The nominal value on the capacitor was 104k which I think means 100000 pF. I am unsure what to do when a ground is in th…. 1Capacitor Type 104: Capacitor Value 400: Capacitor Voltage P7.5: Pitch Size P=7.5mm size8W*9H*3T 1mm 2Climate category 3Rated…. Jul 2, 2015 What’s going to matter here is the value of the cap. 104K= .1uF. That’s a BIG value for a tone control, I dont mean the physical size, it’s going to cut…. 1602 products offers 1602 104k capacitor value products. A wide variety of 104k capacitor value options are available to you, such as rated voltage,…. Capacitance :0.1UF; Voltage Value :275V; Load Life :5000 Hours; Diameter :10MM. Inquiry Now. Product… 219d99c93a
Capacitance standard values and tolerances Typical capacitance values of smaller film capacitors used in electronics start around 100…. … a capacitor with digital capacitance or multimeter is to calculate the value. Without knowing the capacitor value you will not know if a capacitor is good or bad.. My capacitors are marked 202K, 204K, 103K, 104K, 203K, and one is marked 500J. I do not understand how to convert these numbers to Farads. I didn’t say it was…. Blue Slit Square (triangle) 104K X7R50 (What is triangle? X7R50? Operating V?) (side = 4.9mm) 10e4 is the value – 100,000 pf / 0.1uF Tempco is X7R. the 50 is…. May 20, 2008 What is the value of a 2.2k capacitor? I don’t really understand what 2.2k represents. Does it mean 2.2pF at 10% tolerance or is it maybe .22uF…. Voltage Code. 50V. 1H. 63V. 1J. 100V. 2A. 160V. 2C. 200V. 2D. 250V. 2E. 300V. 2L. 360V. 2N. 400V. 2G. 630V. 2J. 700V. 2M. 900V. 1X. 1,000V. 3A. 1,250V. 3B.

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